2by3 render
Theme Classic Space
World MoonBase
Quote "Thank you for your help with the circuit board. Here is another classic space rocket section. The commander has asked to speak with you again."
Weapon/Tool None

2by3 is a Repair Bot NPC who works in the MoonBase.

2by3 is a friend to everyone who works in the MoonBase. 2by3 performs many general maintenance tasks, provides companionship, and has been programmed to play many games to keep the crew entertained.

When the MoonBase was under attack by Piratron and infested with Grabbles, 2by3 stayed inside the Command Center's control center to make repairs to the Interior Airlock Door. However, the circuit board used for repair purposes was fried and a replacement was needed. Commander Han Nibble sends players to deliver a new circuit board to 2by3, who rewards players with the Moonbase Rocket Cockpit. Then, 2by3 reports that Commander Han Nibble wishes to speak with players again.



  • 2by3 is two studs wide and three studs long, hence why it is named 2by3.
  • 2by3 was originally designed in 1999 by Eric Kingsley, and is based on an EG-6 power droid from Star Wars. This was carried over to the file name for 2by3, which refers to him as a Gonk Droid, a similar droid also from Star Wars.


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