Theme Sentinel Faction
World Blue Planet
Quote "It is a great privilege to be selected for such an important mission."

Mission Captain ASR1 was the pilot of Pod 1.

ASR1 was selected to be the Mission Captain of the Pods' journey through the rip to travel to the Blue Planet to spread the LEGO Universe's plea for help. ASR1 considered this a great privilege and a rare honor, knowing that the mission was necessary to save the LEGO Universe from the Maelstrom. Knowing that his mobility would be sacrificed upon passing through the rip, ASR1's last wish was to one day be reanimated and return to his homeland.

ASR1 was discovered by the Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis in Denmark on November 9, 2009. While he does not appear in LEGO Universe, the in-game reward for finding Pod 1 and ASR1 was his Pod 1 Shirt.


  • ASR1 bears the emblem of the Sentinels, hinting that he is a member of Sentinel Faction.
  • ASR1's Mission Log is cut off before the last sentence ends, implying that he passed through the rip before completing the log.


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