Argo Butterchunks
Argo Butterchunks 2
Theme Sentinel Faction
World Avant Grove
Quote "I'll be rooting for you! From over here, that is."
Weapon/Tool Spear

Argo Butterchunks is the Property Guard NPC of Avant Grove.

Argo Butterchunks is horrified to see that the Maelstrom has infected the Avant Grove property. He enlists players' help in clearing the property, telling them to smash the Maelstrom Generator that is spawning the Stromlings and rebuild it into a platform to reach the Imagination Orb. While players accomplish this task, Argo offers to provide moral support from a safe distance.

Once Avant Grove is cleared of Maelstrom, Argo Butterchunks allows players to rent Avant Grove for a fee of 1000 Coins per month. Argo Butterchunks then leaves to help other Minifigures secure their properties.



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