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Arrrthur Arrrbuckle
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "I ain't cut out for mechanicking... I just wanted to dance!"

Arrthur Arrbuckle is a Pirate Mechanic NPC in Gnarled Forest.

When Venture League offered to help the pirates in their struggles against the Stromling Pirates, they sent Mermaid Siren Statues to help distract the Stromlings. Arrrthur Arrrbuckle tried in vain to build a Siren Statue, only to experience difficulties in doing so due to the lack of a mermaid head piece. In fear of the Stromling Pirates roaming the jungle, Arrrthur took up position on an elevated platform. He appears to have a nervous personality and is constantly pacing in a worried fashion.

Knowing that he was having troubles with the Siren Statue, Renee Tombcrusher sends players to aid Arrrthur Arrrbuckle in his plight. Arrrthur explains to players that the statue is missing a key brick, which players must find by smashing nearby crates full of mermaid head pieces. Then, after the player has successfully built the Siren Statue, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle hears gunshots coming from Brig Rock and sends players to investigate and talk to Bert Scurvyburp.


Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle bore some semblance to Captain Roger Redbeard from the classic Pirates line, sharing his facial features and wearing a Red Captain Shirt. He also wore a light-brown tricorne hat and pants. This original Arrrthur Arrrbuckle was unnamed and simply referred to as the Pirate Mechanic.

In mid-beta, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle received his masculine name but was ironically replaced by a female pirate. She had tan Hermione hair and wore a Blue Captain Shirt and white pants. This female incarnation was never depicted in the Passport, which instead continued to show the original Pirate Mechanic.

Arrrthur Arrrbuckle's blue striped shirt was changed to white in the Nexus Jawbox update. However, seeing as the shirt had white-on-white stripes and numerous other NPCs were also inexplicably given white clothes, this was an unintended glitch. While Arrrthur Arrrbuckle's shirt has now been changed back to his blue striped shirt, the other NPCs still have their white clothes.


  • The original Pirate Mechanic can still be seen in-game. He now resides at Cannon Cove and stays aboard the ship while players blast Maelstrom-infected ships with a massive cannon. Before each round of the shooting gallery, the Pirate Mechanic tosses cannonballs to the player. Every time the cannon is fired, the Pirate Mechanic jumps in surprise.
  • Arrrthur Arrrbuckle's name is a piratey play on the name "Arthur Arbuckle".


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