Assembly Storeroom
Assembly Storeroom
World Nexus Tower
Main Location of Torbert Oscillator
Enemies None

The Assembly Storeroom is a two room area of Nexus Tower. It is home to several brick Vendors and the Assembly faction vendor, Torbert Oscillator.

The storerooms can only be accessed using Brick Warps in the Assembly Workshop, which lifts users from the ground level and flings them via a pipe into the storeroom, or the Vacuum Tubes, which link the two together.

Torbert Oscillator resides on one side of the storerooms. His booth directly faces the performing Gwen Tweenbangle, who is singing pop music of the Nexus Force. Gwen sells Micro City and Nimbus Station Models to players.

The other side of the storeroom is home to Axon Klaxon, brick vendor, Barry Smoothmoves, construction model vendor, and the Model Vending Machine, which sells office models.

When Doctor Overbuild begins building a Property Scanner, he sends players to Axon to buy a 6x6 dish so he can complete it.

Later, when Assembly Members collect parts from Crux Prime and assemble a Sabor-Toothed Cat Pet, it escapes and hides in a vacuum tube in the storerooms. Players must head to the store room and activate the console beside Torbert to drop the cat out of the tubes so they can tame it.




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