The Backpack is what players use to store their items, models, bricks and behaviors on their Minifigure. In the Alpha and early Beta, only items were stored in the backpack; models, bricks, and behaviors were stored in a Brick Box.

Backpack Size

All players begin playing LEGO Universe with 20 spaces in their backpacks; however, they can complete missions or achievements that grant extra backpack space. Most rewards give 4 extra space, but others exist that grant two or only one.

It is possible to gain 102 backpack slots through missions and achievements. Added with the beginning slots, the 20 that Dr. Overbuild gave in anticipation of the Vault, and the 40 earned through leveling, a player can have up to 182 backpack slots.

In Beta, it was possible to get more Model space in the Backpack using Rigged Model Packs from Gnarled Forest achievements. This was removed in mid-Beta.

Missions & Achievements

Completing the following missions and achievements will grant a total of 94 extra backpack space.

Mission/Achievement Location Extra Spaces
A Feat of Imagination General Achievement x4
A Real Hole in the Wall Avant Gardens x4
Avant Gardens Observer Avant Gardens x4
Frostburgh Flag Hunter Event Achievement x2
Gnarled Forest Achiever 3 Gnarled Forest x4
LEGO Club Flag Hunter Nimbus Station x2
LEGO Universe Commendation 2 Play Achievement, General x4
Nexus Force Collector General Achievement x4
Nimbus Station Flag Hunter Nimbus Station x4
Pirate Legend 3 Gnarled Forest x4
Radio Free LEGO Avant Gardens x4
Respect My Authority Avant Gardens x4
Slot Five Avant Gardens x4
Smash and Awe Avant Gardens x4
Smash 'Em All 3 Battle Achievement, General x4
Solo Artist 2 Nimbus Station x4
Spare Cannonballs Avant Gardens x4
Speedy Scout Avant Gardens x4
Starbase 3001 Flag Hunter Starbase 3001 x2
That's Appealing 2 Gnarled Forest x4
The Golden Treasures Forbidden Valley x4
To Arms

Avant Gardens


Whatever It Takes

Avant Gardens


Nexus Tower Flag Hunter Nexus Tower x4
Crux Prime Flag Hunter 2 Crux Prime x4


  • Betty the Bag Lady was designed to sell backpack space, but was not implemented in the released game.


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