Bella Pepper
Bella Pepper
Theme LEGO Universe
World Pet Cove
Quote "It's silly! I can't remember the names of my Dogs!"

Bella Pepper is an NPC on Pet Cove.

Bella Pepper has several dog pets and remembers their names using dog tags. However, she has lost five of her dog tags on Pet Cove and asks players to find them for her. As a reward, she reveals to players that pets can dig up buried treasure. She sends players to try out this new ability before sending them out to dig up treasure chests across Nimbus System as they please.


Beta Information

Until mid-beta testing, Bella Pepper used one of the pre-alpha generic character models, which had long dark-gray hair, wide eyes, a plain pink shirt, and dark-pink pants. This model was also used for an NPC in Cul-de-sac. In mid-beta, Bella Pepper was given yellow Dash Justice hair, a light-green shirt with striped blue overalls, and light-blue pants.

Bella Pepper originally gave hints and tips about pets. This dialogue has since been given to Wally Radish. At this time, it was not required to complete Bella Pepper's missions before digging up treasure chests with pets.



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