Mission missing parrot
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "SQUAWK!!! Keep away! SQUAWK!"
Weapon/Tool None

This article is about the character. For the item, see Neck Items.

Birds are animals that appear in certain places around the LEGO Universe, often as ambient background creatures.


In Avant Gardens, Avant Grove, and the Block Yard, flocks of birds can be seen flying into the sky. These are 2D sprites, and serve no role in the game other than acting as scenery.

When Captain Jack Knife steals Numb Chuck's treasure, he hides it in a chest at Pirate Camp, which is guarded by two birds atop Ninja Detectors, which alert an angry flock who appear if the player gets too close to the chest. They apparently are loyal to pirates. Consequently, they have the pirates' poor ability to detect Ninjas. If players equip a Maelstrom-Infused Ninja Hood from Forbidden Valley, they become invisible to the parrots.

The foot race in Nexus Tower is run by the Foot Race Parrot, who is located in the Venture League Map Room. He has apparently been tamed by Hael Storm, however his cousins have not, and at one point 8 parrots escape Hael's grasp. Venture League members are asked by Hael to recover them for him.

Forbidden Valley is home to many Blood Ravens, birds that can be seen perched around the towering rock spires that form the world. They play no role in gameplay, but will fly away if players get too close. The same model, albeit coloring, is used on The Monument for seagulls who continue to land and mess up the painting of the Monument, much to the dismay of Rusty Steele.

Beta Information

While Blood Ravens only appear as ambient creatures in the released version of Forbidden Valley, concept art for a 2007 LUP world shows that at one point they may have been hostile.[1][2]





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