Brick Mesa
Major Characters in Location Prospero
Main Location of The Maelstrom
Enemies Unknown

Brick Mesa was a world early on in the development of LEGO Universe. The world had similarities to, and was to an extent a predecessor of, Crux Prime, though it also had many unique concepts, such as the return of Blacktron, castle elements, and retro flying robots.

In an early storyline of LEGO Universe, one of the four explorers, Prospero, sacrificed himself to protect Wonderland from the Maelstrom, becoming a large stone statue built into a mountain in the process. The Maelstrom then tore a hole in the atmosphere nearby, setting the stage for a battle. Aside from fighting the Maelstrom, players were also able to climb the giant, stone remains of Prospero, and play a giant pipe organ inside his hollow head.[1]


  • Brick Mesa is named after Black Mesa, a geographical landmark that is the highest point in Oklahoma.
  • The concept of a giant stone statue of a minifig was reused as the Monument in Avant Gardens.




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