Bucky Gorfunblot
Bucky Gorfunblotbig
Theme LEGO Club
World Club Station Alpha
Quote None

You may be looking for Cog Blammo, the vendor on Nimbus Station. This name previously belonged to Bucky.

Bucky Gorfunblot is a vendor at Club Station Alpha. He is the only vendor there to date. He sells LEGO Club exclusive items, including Pet shirts. The only shirts he does not sell for pets is a Reindeer Shirt and a Skeleton Dragon shirt.

Bucky has a similar vendor window to Starbase 3001.

Items for Sale at this Location

  • Super Notion Potion
  • Green/Red imaginite
  • Pet Triceratops Shirt
  • Pet Doberman Shirt
  • Pet Buffalo Shirt
  • Pet Bunny Shirt
  • Pet Terrier Shirt
  • Pet Cat Shirt
  • Pet Crab Shirt
  • Pet Crocodile Shirt
  • Pet Red Dragon Shirt
  • Pet Elephant Shirt
  • Pet Goat Shirt
  • Pet Green Dragon Shirt
  • Pet Lion Shirt
  • Pet Mantis Shirt
  • Pet Panda Shirt
  • Pet Robot Dog Shirt
  • Pet Skunk Shirt
  • Pet Tortoise Shirt
  • Pet Warthog Shirt
  • New Western Shirt
  • Blue Uniform
  • Light Blue Princess Shirt
  • Obsidian Armor
  • Epaulets of Extravagance
  • Pharaoh's Hat
  • Troll Shield
  • Key of Imagination
  • LEGO Club Jumpsuit (LEGO Club Members only!)
  • LEGO Club rocket pieces
  • LEGO Club car pieces


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