Bud Nippit
Bud Nippit
Theme Sentinel Faction
World Nimbus Isle
Quote "Get rid of that Maelstrom! I have allergies, you know."
Weapon/Tool Spear

Bud Nippit is the Property Guard of Nimbus Isle.

Bud Nippit is also the discoverer of Nimbus Isle, spotting it near Nimbus Station in early April 2011. Since he discovered the island, he also earned the honor of naming it.

Bud Nippit bravely insisted on being the first to explore Nimbus Isle, to make sure it is a fitting habitat for Minifigures. He reported back that it was swarming with Stromling Mechs, Stromling Admirals, and Dark Ronin, who were trying unsuccessfully to build a monument for the Darkitect. Seeing potential for great beauty and peace on Nimbus Isle, Bud Nippit faced the Maelstrom alone until a Launchpad to Nimbus Isle was built in Brick Annex.[1]

Bud Nippit enlists players' help in clearing the property, telling them to smash the Maelstrom Generator that is spawning the Stromlings and rebuild it into a platform to reach the Imagination Orb. Bud Nippit claims to be allergic to the Maelstrom and unable to breathe until the Maelstrom is eradicated from the land.

Once Nimbus Isle is cleared of Maelstrom, Bud Nippit allows players to rent Nimbus Isle for a fee of 1000 Coins per month. Bud Nippit then leaves to help other Minifigures secure their properties.


  • Bud Nippit's name is a play on the saying "nip the problem in the bud".


  1. New Discovery - Nimbus Isle!


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