Bug Hunter
Dark spiderling
Smash 5 Dark Spiderlings.
"Follow the Maelstrom to find the creature's lair and smash 5 Dark Spiderlings."
"Paradox thinks they can control the Maelstrom, but we get to clean up when things go wrong. I'll report this to Commander Beck."
Location Info
Start Location: Paradox Research Facility
End Location: Paradox Research Facility
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Dark Spiderlings
Starts With: Epsilon Starcracker
Ends With: Epsilon Starcracker
Total Coins: 100
Total U-Score: 5
Stats Won: None
Items Won: None
Choice Items Won: Castle Model Pack 6, House Model Pack 6
In beta testing, this mission was titled "Bug Hunting" and displayed an image of the Spider Queen. In early beta testing, it was simply required to discover the Maelstrom Mine in order to complete the mission; it was not necessary to fight the Dark Spiderlings. In the Power of the Nexus Force update, this mission was removed from the game, however a similar mission, Creepy Crawlies, has been added.
Mission Progression

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