Build Mode
AG Modular Build Mode
World All
Main Location of Building
Enemies None

Build Mode is a feature in LEGO Universe where players can build Rockets, Race Cars, or Models. To enter Build Mode, players must stand on a special glowing area on the ground and equip their Thinking Hat

Modular Build Mode

Modular build modes are places in larger ares like Race Place or the Launch Area. In Modular Build Mode, there are slots that players put certain models from their backpack into. There are two kinds of Modular Build Modes: Race Car Build Mode and Rocket Build Mode.

Free-Build Mode

A Free-Build Mode is an area on a player property. Players can build anything they imagine with bricks, or pre-made models. Free-Build Mode has two sub-modes: Brick Mode and Model Mode. Model mode allows a player to place pre-made models, while Brick Mode allows a player to use a variety of bricks and colors to make their own models, or edit pre-made models.


  • The developers had many plans in store for building that were cancelled when LEGO Universe closed. These included importing models from LEGO Universe into LEGO Digital Designer, unlimited access to bricks on properties, and being able to stretch and build walls easily. [1]




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