Burke Barrelchest
Burke Barrelchestin-game
Theme Sentinel
World Nimbus Station
Quote "To explore! To experience! To build! How exciting!"
Weapon/Tool Spear

Burke Barrelchest is a Property Launch Pad Guard who is stationed in Brick Annex.

Burke Barrelchest guards the launchpad to Nimbus Rock. There, he takes notice of all the industrious builders who are hard at work constructing models on their Nimbus Rock and Nimbus Isle properties. To inspire players to build their own imaginitive models, Burke Barrelchest offers Daily Missions to visit five different Nimbus Rock or Nimbus Isle properties.


Update Information

When first added to LEGO Universe, Burke Barrelchest only offered Daily Missions to visit Nimbus Rock properties. Following the release of Nimbus Isle, Burke's Daily Mission was updated so that players had the option to visit Nimbus Isle properties to complete his mission.


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