Cave of Black Echoes
Cave of Black Echoes 3
World Ninjago Monastery
Main Location of Battle Against Frakjaw!, Earth Shrine
Enemies Skeleton Raiders, Skeleton Mad Scientists, Bone Wolves

The Cave of Black Echoes is an area within the Ninjago Caves. It can be accessed through the Cave of Ancient Ways, via the tunnel with red banners.

Within the Cave of Black Echoes are the Fire Shrine and Earth Shrine. Players first encounter the cave when Cole fears that the skeletons have broken into the shrines to steal the golden weapons. Sensei Wu confirms this, and sends players down into the caves to stop them.

Later, players must retrieve a dragon mask for Zane from a chest hidden in the cave. Bubu Mumu will also dispatch players to retrieve 20 onyx gems, which can be found in the Cave of Black Echoes.



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