Cave of White Whispers
The Cave of White Whispers
World Ninjago Monastery
Main Location of Lightning Shrine
Enemies Skeleton Raiders, Skeleton Mad Scientists, Bone Wolves

The Cave of White Whispers is a location within the Ninjago Monastery. Wo Izemi and Wilt Bonsai are held captive in cages, guarded by Skeleton Raiders, Bone Wolves, and Skeleton Mad Scientists.

The Lightning Shrine can be reached through here by smashing a railing on a low platform, and rebuilding it into a bouncer. Players can then hop down onto the floor of the cave and rebuild a large crate into another bouncer. Using it will send them flying to the bouncer they just built, which will in turn send them into a chasm which leads to a Lightning Lantern. Building it will take them to an Earth Lantern, which will take them to the Lightning Shrine.


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