Challenge of the Ronin
Dark ronin statue
Smash 20 Ronin statues before the Dark Ronin appear.
"All those Dark Ronin make it really hard to get through here. Bet you can't smash 20 of the statues before the Ronin appear."
"Whoa, you got 'em all. Man, you're fast. And powerful. In fact, I think I'm a little afraid of you now."
Location Info
Start Location:
End Location:
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Dark Ronin
Starts With: Bill Shido
Ends With: Bill Shido
Total Coins: 200
Total U-Score: 5
Stats Won: None
Items Won: Ninja Dragon Rocket Nose Cone
Choice Items Won: None
This mission was repeatable during most of the Beta Test.
Mission Progression

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