Commander Han Nibble
Commander Han Nibble rioforce
Theme Classic Space
World MoonBase
Quote "Classic Space Command thanks you!"

Commander Han Nibble is a senior officer NPC of MoonBase.

Commander Han Nibble is a scarred battle-hardened Space warrior. He aged out of combat operations, but after retirement Nibble signed on with the Lunar Mining Corps in order to continue to serve the Classic Space Command. Nibble runs a tight ship and expects every member of his team to do their part. He rewards significant respect and admiration for those who perform their tasks well, but trouble comes to those who disobey his orders.

After the MoonBase became infested with Grabbles, Commander Han Nibble recruits Nexus Force members traveling from Starbase 3001 to help the Classic Space Command. First, to prevent Grabbles from eating more Imaginatium, he sends players to collect five fuel rods. Then, to assist 2by3 in repairing the Interior Airlock Door, the commander sends players to deliver a new circuit board. Finally, Nibble orders players to smash ten Grabbles. Commander Han Nibble thanks players for their help and rewards their efforts with two modules of the Moonbase Rocket.



  • Han Nibble's name is a play on "Hannibal".
  • Commander Han Nibble is based upon the white spacemen from Classic Space.

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