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Crash Helmut
Crash helmut
Theme Nexus Force
World Avant Gardens
Quote "Ready to rocket to some Properties?"

Crash Helmut is a Property Launch Pad Guard NPC located in the Avant Gardens Launch Area, where he guards the launchpad to the Block Yard.

After Block Yard fell under the control of the Maelstrom Spider Queen, the Launch Area was blanketed in Maelstrom fog, making Crash Helmut surprised to see players sent by Vector Longview. Knowing that Vance Bulwark never returned from his quest to fight the Spider Queen, Crash Helmut allows players to fly to Block Yard and aid the Property Guard.

After players defeat the Spider Queen, Crash Helmut gives Daily Missions to visit five different Block Yard properties.


Beta Information

In alpha and early beta, Crash Helmut was unnamed and identified as Property Launch Pad Guard. In alpha testing and early beta testing, Crash Helmut had the same model as the alpha Sentinel Faction Guards, minus the visor on the helmet. In mid-beta testing, Crash Helmut again used the same model as the mid-beta Sentinel Faction Guards, which had plain blue shirts and pants with a dark-blue hip piece.

The mission Check In With Sky Lane was originally given by Kit Wanderwhere, whose dialogue was altered and transferred over to Crash Helmut in mid-beta testing. The mission was given to Vance Bulwark after the Power of the Nexus Force update.

Prior to the Power of the Nexus Force update, Kit Wanderwhere sent players to meet Crash Helmut at the Launch Area to help secure property. Crash Helmut then sent players to Block Yard to meet Vance Bulwark and free the property from the Maelstrom. Once players accomplish this, Crash sends them to check in with Sky Lane.

In the final LEGO Universe trunk build, Crash Helmut offered missions to speak with PRDX-4, Hu Where, and Dusty Holster. These missions were apparently left unfinished when LEGO Universe was announced to close, as they are all titled "NPC Interaction title needed" in the trunk build.[1]


  • Crash Helmut is a pun on crash helmet.
  • Crash Helmut admires Vance Bulwark, calling him the bravest person he knows.


  1. LEGO Universe DEV Walkthrough - Unreleased Version - Part 6 - AG 4


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