Found in Crocodile Corner
Special Abilities None
Imagination Points 10
Required Items/Tasks None
Taming Build Frog
Bricks In Build 6

Crocodiles are reptilian creatures found throughout the LEGO Universe.

One species of Crocodile Pets can be found in the Gnarled Forest Crocodile Corner. They reside in the lake and can be tamed after learning how to tame pets at Pet Cove. To tame a Crocodile Pet, players must assemble a frog model. Once tamed, Crocodile Pets can dig up buried Treasure Chests and activate Pet Bouncers.

Another species of Crocodile, more commonly found in LEGO sets, lives in the LEGO Universe. These are called Attack Crocodiles. Attack Crocodiles are naturally relaxed reptiles, who love to sunbathe and work on their tan. However, they are very territorial and use their infamous Croc-a-Belly Slam attack against enemies. The Crocodile Egg Season lasts from October 18 to October 31, during which time Shouty McBullhorn sells Crocodile Eggs exclusively to subscribed players to celebrate the anniversary of LEGO Universe's release. Players with Crocodile Eggs can summon Attack Crocodiles into battle.[1]

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Beta Information

The Attack Crocodile was animated by LEGO Universe animator Toby Cochran. It was designed as early as alpha testing, evidenced by one early screenshot showing an Attack Crocodile in Crocodile Corner. At one point, Attack Crocodiles were intended to eat players who fall into the ocean, behaving like sharks in the released game. Although Cochran animated several sequences for this concept, they were deemed too violent and not included in the final product.[2]

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  1. Member Exclusive: Attack Crocodiles!
  2. Lego Universe Animations - Cochran Reel


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