Theme Assembly
World Blue Planet
Quote "Having seen the full force of the menace's destructive powers I am even more determined to complete my mission."

Chief Science Officer DCR3 was the pilot of Pod 3.

DCR3 was assigned to travel to the Blue Planet to spread LEGO Universe's plea for help. The day before the launch date of Pod 3, DCR3 witnessed the destructive powers of Stromlings as they destroyed everything near the launch facility. Nexus Force protected the launch pad long enough for DCR3 to escape in Pod 3, the only creation that survived the battle. Seeing the full force of the Maelstrom's destructive power, DCR3 became even more determined to complete his mission and help defeat the Maelstrom. Upon passing through the rip, DCR3 lost his mobility.

DCR3 was discovered by William in Texas on December 12, 2009. While he does not appear in LEGO Universe, the in-game reward for finding Pod 3 and DCR3 was his Pod 3 Shirt.


  • DCR3 bears the emblem of Assembly, hinting that he is a member of Assembly.


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