ED-902 2
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Stromlings / Named Enemies
Weapon/Tool Laser Gun

ED-902 is the most advanced Mech Invader on Crux Prime that acts as the commander of Stromling Mech Invaders. It has been seen in Caldera Mar and Aura Mar, with rare appearances near Sentinel Point Zeta. It has approximately 30 health points.


  • Laser Blast: Fires a laser that does 5 damage.
  • Knock Back: Uses its free arm and knocks players back, doing 3 damage.

Location(s) Found


  • The name is a homage to ED-209, a series of flawed enforcement robots in the film RoboCop.
  • Despite the fact that it is a commander in Crux Prime, all of the Stromling Mechs in the Battle of Nimbus Station share its exact appearance. It is currently unknown why, as the Nimbus Station Invader Mechs are only slightly tougher than standard Mech Invaders.


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