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Earth Dragon
Earth Dragon Pet
Found in Earth Dojo
Special Abilities None
Imagination Points 8
Required Items/Tasks 5 Rockolate Bars
Taming Build Rockolate Bar

The Earth Dragon is a pet in the Ninjago Monastery. It can be tamed after completing certain missions in the Ninjago Monastery. 8 Imagination points and 10 Rockolate Bars from Johnny Umami are needed to tame the Earth Dragon pet. After it has been tamed once it will only cost 5 Rockolate Bars. Then, when you try a third time, there are no Rockolate Bars required to tame this pet.


  • For the first few days after the release of the Ninjago Monastery, there was a glitch where a large Rockolate Bar model would hover over a player's recently-tamed Earth Dragon pet until they put the pet away.
  • All four ninjas possess elemental Dragons on the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show; however, they seem to be completely different from the Earth Dragon shown in LEGO Universe, as the television dragons are large enough to ride. Many speculate it is a baby version, or possibly a different kind of dragon (Source?).


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