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Find Mardolf the Orange

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Find Mardolf the Orange
Talk to Mardolf the Orange to earn approval from the Assembly Faction.
"Talk to Mardolf the Orange in Brick Annex and try to earn approval from the Assembly Faction."
"So, you want to build, that it? Snap, click, stack, done and done? Oh, there’s more to it than that."
Location Info
Start Location: Nimbus Plaza
End Location: Brick Annex
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: None
Starts With: Nexus Jay
Ends With: Mardolf the Orange
Total Coins: None
Total U-Score: 30
Stats Won: None
Items Won: None
Choice Items Won:
  • Nimbus Rocket Nose Cone
  • Nimbus Rocket Cockpit
  • Nimbus Rocket Engine
This mission was previously given by Ellgren Stackwell; however, when he was scrapped, it became the responsibility of Nexus Jay.
Mission Progression
Find Mardolf the Orange

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