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Fire Temple
Major Characters in Location Lord Garmadon
Enemies Bone Beetle, Underhand, Bone Vulture

The Fire Temple was an upcoming Ninjago-themed dungeon in LEGO Universe. Little is known about it, aside from the fact that Lord Garmadon was going to be the boss. Enemies would include the Bone Vulture, the Bone Beetle and the Underhand. Other unreleased dungeons include the Earth Gauntlet, Ninjago Lightning Dungeon, and Ninjago Ice Dungeon.


  • The Fire Temple was going to be paired with the re-opening of Frostburgh, but was left unreleased due to the closure of LEGO Universe.
  • The Fire Temple is based off of set 2507 Fire Temple.
  • The Fire Temple had a soundtrack consisting of large drums with a flute as the melody. [1]



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