Forge Honcho
Starbase astronaut 2
Theme LUPs
World Starbase 3001
Quote "Look for a Blue and Yellow Launchpad!"

Forge Honcho is the Starbase Captain NPC in Starbase 3001.

Hess Lacoil sends players to speak with Forge Honcho before departing Starbase 3001 for World Builder League worlds. Forge Honcho warns players that the World Builder Planets may require fast computers, and excessive lagging in one of these worlds will return the players to Starbase 3001. Forge also tells players to look for the yellow and blue launchpad to the World Builder League worlds.


  • Although Forge Honcho's in-game model was always female, in the original Starbase 3001 update she was depicted as masculine in the Passport. A later patch changed this image to the female image.


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