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LEGOUniverse Frostburgh KEYVISUAL
Major Characters in Location Sneezy Icewhisker, Sugarplum Fritz
Main Location of Reindeer
Enemies None

Frostburgh was a winter world in LEGO Universe that came out in early December 2010, and was scheduled to return in November of 2011 before it was announced that LEGO Universe was shutting down. It had Reindeer pets, a race track, and multiple missions and achievements. Its location was on a snowy comet which orbited the Nimbus System once a year. Close proximity to Nexus Tower caused Frostburgh to warm up enough to defrost the residents and all its features.






  • The name Frostburgh is Old English for "Cold Town".
  • It was possible to have snowball fights, which was one of the first forms of Player vs Player interaction to be added to LEGO Universe, even though snowballs did not harm players.
  • Frostburgh's opening marked the beginning of Frostivus, a winter holiday celebrated by the resident minifigures.
  • It had a Race Track nearly identical to Vertigo Loop, the only additions being snow, an icy racetrack, and snowmen.
  • Frostburgh had one of the most rare items, the Jolly Beard.
  • Throughout the final months of LEGO Universe, NPCs from Frostburgh were spawned regularly in various places by Mythrans.
  • Jolly Beards were mailed to players in a give away on January 22.
  • The 2011-12 version of Frostburgh was to have new music (a winter remix of "Elephant Encampment") as seen in a developer video.
  • Frostburgh was not planned to be the only seasonal event; according to an article from October 2010, some sort of plans were made for Halloween, too.[1]



Official LEGO Universe News Network Article


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