"Frostburgh is celebrating Frostivus, our favorite holiday! Actually, it's our only holiday."- Unknown

Frostburgh holiday Frostivus

Frostivus is the minifigure celebration of winter. Its beginning is marked by the approach of Frostburgh to Nimbus Station, bringing snow to the world. It is a holiday in-game that is celebrated in conjunction with Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

The Legend Of Frostivus

Book 1: After Planet Crux exploded, many smaller worlds were thrown. And a comet, flying far too fast soon found itself alone. And on this comet, tiny Frostburgh went to sleep and froze right through, until its orbit brought it back again to Nexus Tower's view.

Book 2: When the comet's ice began to thaw, the people all unfroze. So they celebrated Frostivus and danced beneath the snows. But the comet only orbits past the Tower once a year. So be sure to visit Frostburgh, For it soon will disappear!

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