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Gate Keeper
Sentinel knight
Find Kurt Tussle, the Nexus Force Guard at Nimbus Station Race Place.
"Now that you’ve joined a faction, you can go to Nexus Tower and meet your faction leader."
"Nexus Tower was built to protect the Imagination Nexus Dr. Overbuild found on the remains of Planet Crux."
Location Info
Start Location: Nimbus Plaza
End Location: Race Place
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: None
Starts With: Nexus Jay
Ends With: Kurt Tussle
Total Coins: 0
Total U-Score: 30
Stats Won: Authorization to Nexus Tower launchpad
Items Won: None
Choice Items Won: None
In beta, this mission was about Nexus Jay being bored at his post, and wondering how construction on the space ship at Race Place was going.
Mission Progression

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