Green Brockley
Theme LEGO Universe
World Nimbus Station
Quote "Johnny Thunder? Is he like some kind of weatherman?"

Green Brockley is a Minifigure who can be found dancing at Red Blocks Amphitheater.

Green Brockley hangs out in the amphitheater's stands, where she constantly performs a Jump Dance. If players interact with her, she tells them how much she loves Red Blocks and its Concert Effects.

Green Brockley is one of the "fans" that Johnny Thunder sends players to talk to. When players offer her the chance to meet the famous Venture League Hero in person, Green expresses confusion regarding Johnny Thunder's occupation, showing that she is not the fan that Johnny Thunder thinks she is.



  • Green Brockley's name seems to be a play on broccoli, a vegetable that is known for its green color.
  • In accordance with her first name, Green Brockley's hair is green in color.


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