Gull Rawstew
Gull Rawstew
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Stromlings / Named Enemies
Weapon/Tool Sword Claws

Gull Rawstew is a Stromling Pirate Invader in Crux Prime. He is fairly easy to defeat, although he is significantly stronger than the average Pirate Invader. He can usually found be wandering Aura Mar, Caldera Mar, and occasionaly Sentinel Point Zeta. He has very low health, somewhere around 25.


  • Since a recent update, Gull Rawstew along with several other named enemies respawn much more often on Crux Prime. A good tactic to locate named enemies is to do "laps" of Crux Prime until an Maelstrom Invader with an unusual glow is spotted.


Location(s) Found

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