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Hatchlings are creatures in LEGO Universe who often serve the role as mini-pets for players. Unlike pets, hatchlings are animated versions of LEGO elements as opposed to an animal built out of several bricks. Hatchlings are not tameable and can only be summoned to a player if he/she has its respective item. Hatchlings were first made obtainible as a reward for buying a subscription card as of September 2011.

Hatchlings will follow the player who summons them for several minutes, before smashing, requiring the use of their item to appear again. In rare circumstances, they can be spawned free of their item by Mythrans by the use of Macro Codes.

Types of Hatchlings


White Cat Hatchling
Kittens are animals that appear in LEGO Universe. There are three known colors: white, black, and orange. All three types of kitten can be spawned from a Cat's Fish. They also appear in the Tabby Cat in a Bag, a Mythran-only item. On December 19, 2011, many appeared in Nexus Tower. They were spawned by Mythrans using Macro Codes. One was also spawned on January 3, 2012 in Nimbus Plaza.


Light Grey Mouse Hatchling
Mice are creatures who appear in LEGO Universe. Mice appear in three different colors: light grey, black, and brown. Although mice in real life normally run along the ground on all fours, mice in the game stand on their hind legs and run.

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