Hess LaCoil
Starbase astronaut 2
Theme World Builder League
World Starbase 3001
Quote "Enjoy your travels to the World Builder Planets!"

Hess LaCoil is a Starbase Technician NPC who works in Starbase 3001.

Hess LaCoil welcomes players to Starbase 3001 and explains that the Starbase's purpose is for traveling to the far-off World Builder Planets. She recommends that players speak with Forge Honcho, the Starbase Captain, before departing for the World Builder League.

Missions Given


  • Hess LaCoil's name is a play on Tesla Coil, a type of energy rod. Interestingly, the rod's inventor, Nikola Tesla, seems to be the namesake of another LEGO Universe character, Nikolai Gammapulse.
  • Hess LaCoil shares the same character model as Forge Honcho and Nova Starbeam.


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