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Imagination Nexus
Imagination nexus

You may be looking for Nexus Core, the room in Nexus Tower that contains the new Imagination Nexus.

The Imagination Nexus is the long-lost source of Pure Imagination. It was located in the Nexus Temple which was built by the First Builders on Planet Crux.

Legend told that the Imagination Nexus had the power to bring any idea to life. The Four Explorers, Baron Typhonus, Doctor Overbuild, Hael Storm, and Duke Exeter searched the Universe for the Nexus for months before finding it on Crux. Duke Exeter imagined a castle, Hael Storm imagined a pirate ship and Doctor Overbuild imagined a Robot Dog which then came to life. The Imagination Nexus was corrupted by Baron Typhonus, which caused it to mutate into the Maelstrom, and caused Planet Crux to explode.


The Imagination Nexus can be found in-game within the Nexus Core in Nexus Tower. It radiates such a high amount of creativity that all players near it will have their Imagination gradually restored. According to a nearby plaque, its immense size can be attributed to its growth from each creative act performed by Minifigures across LEGO Universe.



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