Theme Sentinel Faction
World Blue Planet
Quote "I look forward to completing my mission mksd kkfj can only hope that this mission gets through to its destination and the people of the Blue Planet receive our plea for help."

Deputy Mission Commander JIW2 was the pilot of Pod 2.

JIW2 was assigned to travel to the Blue Planet to spread LEGO Universe's plea for help. However, shortly before launch, JIW2 and Pod 2 were besieged by a group of Stromlings, including a Maelstrom Spider. While JIW2's fellow pilots managed to safely escape, Pod 2's pre-flight circuitry showed signs of infiltration, and JIW2 hoped that Stromlings would not reach the Pod pilots' secret launch area. Upon passing through the rip, JIW2 lost his mobility.

JIW2 was discovered by Allan Nilson in Florida on December 3, 2009. While he does not appear in LEGO Universe, the in-game reward for finding Pod 2 and JIW2 was his Pod 2 Shirt.


  • JIW2 bears the emblem of the Sentinels, hinting that he is a member of Sentinel Faction.
  • There are gaps in JIW2's Mission Log which are occupied by gibberish, implying that there was interference which distorted the message before it arrived at the Blue Planet.


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