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Theme Ninjago
World Ninjago Monastery
Weapon/Tool Nunchucks of Lightning

Jay is an NPC in the Ninjago Monastery . He plays a role in helping players learn how to use Lightning Spinjitzu. He can be found in the Ninjago Monastery. He is in love with Nya.

After players have learned Earth Spinjitzu from Cole and retrieved the Scythe of Quakes, they are sent to Jay in order to learn Lightning Spinjitzu.

After sending the players on several missions to disrupt Skulkin weapons and technology, Jay tells players that there is a key hidden in the attic of the Dojo, and hints that if they find it, it will unlock a package which contains Lightning Spinjitzu gear the player can have. When players return and unlock the box, he tells them to give him the package which came out of the box. Giving them the Lightning kit, he then returns players to Sensei Wu.

Later, players are sent by Echs Ray to bring the instructions for the Chaos Cleaner Machine to Jay. After constructing one, he gives it to Nya in order to purify Skulkin weapons.


Character Sheet on

Ninja of Lightning
Weapon of choice: Nunchucks
Elemental color: Blue
Strength: Speed

"Jay is lightning fast. He glides through the air, then strikes from above. Sometime with a mighty Ninja flash-attack, sometime with a laughing thunder-joke. He’s a very flashy fighter."

"Jay’s super smart, super fast, and super resourceful. He solves problems with his brain and crazy inventions... so, prepare to be shocked."


  • His surname is Walker, as revealed in the credits of Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes
  • Jay's name and color is a play on the bird "Blue Jay".
  • His father's name is Ed and his mother's name is Edna.
  • Even though Jay's face texture shows his correct face, in-game he has the same face as Kai, Zane, and Cole who all have incorrect faces.
  • He has a crush on Nya.
  • Unlike the sets, Jay and his fellow ninja have yellow hands, when in the sets they have black hands.


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