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Jett Moonshot
Jett Moonshot
Theme Venture League
World Venture Explorer
Quote "The Maelstrom is tearing the ship apart!"
Weapon/Tool None

Jett Moonshot is a Venture League Officer NPC on the Venture Explorer.

When the Venture Explorer starship was attacked by the Maelstrom, Jett Moonshot took it upon himself to wake the Minifigure passengers from their cryogenic sleep. He teaches players how to talk to NPCs and then sends them to talk to Bob to gain the ability to use Imagination.

Jett Moonshot's fate is unknown; however, since the Nexus Astronaut was the last Minifig aboard the Venture Explorer, it is presumed that Jett Moonshot safely escaped the Venture Explorer before it was completely overtaken by the Maelstrom.



  • Jett Moonshot shares his surname with the former Venture League Rep, Logan Moonshot.
  • Despite being a member of Venture League, Jett Moonshot wears the helmet, shirt, and pants of a Sentinel Faction Grunt, specifically the former Sentinel Faction Rep, Dirk Manleigh.
  • Jett Moonshot is the first NPC and Venture League character that players meet in-game.


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