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Just Stunning
Siren stunner
Quick Build the Siren Stunner near the Maelstrom Trench to stun the Stromling Pirates.
"The Venture league sent some equipment to help the Pirates. Quick Build that device nearby."
"Not bad! You’re pretty handy with those things!"
Location Info
Start Location: Maelstrom Trench
End Location: Maelstrom Trench
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List:
Starts With: Renee Tombcrusher
Ends With: Renee Tombcrusher
Total Coins: 150
Total U-Score: 110
Stats Won: None
Items Won: 1 Picnic Basket
Choice Items Won: None
The build is located on the side of the Trench opposite Renee.
Mission Progression
*Head to Gnarled Forest

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