Theme World Builder League
World Club Station Alpha, Starbase 3001
Quote "Soapy water at maximum. Beep! Floor cleansing will commence."[1]
Weapon/Tool Brooms

K-733N is a Cleaning Bot NPC in Club Station Alpha. It travels around the station, constantly cleaning the floor. It has no missions or dialogue and serves only as a background character.

Two other Cleaning Bots named K-733N work at Starbase 3001. They share the same role as the LEGO Club's K-733N; one sweeps inside the main chamber while the other cleans the area near the launchpad to the World Builder League. It is unclear if K-733N is meant to be a single character or perhaps the name of a series of Cleaning Bots.

Beta Information

K-733N, initially called a "BroomBot", was originally designed for Youreeka. As seen in a map of Youreeka, four BroomBots would have appeared in the plaza, sweeping around the skunk detector and Town Crier. The Town Crier would have assigned a mission to repair a BroomBot. Several BroomBots also appeared in Zorillo Plaza, where they could be rebuilt during skunk invasions to gain points. Like several other pre-alpha NPCs, the BroomBot since been recycled into its current role as K-733N.

The two Cleaning Bots that work at Starbase 3001 were formerly called Club LEGO Cleaning Bots. At some point following the Frostivus update, the Cleaning Bots were removed from Starbase 3001 but eventually returned with the Nexus Jawbox update.

In the final LEGO Universe trunk build, K-733N was finally given dialogue. However, because LEGO Universe was announced to close, the upcoming update was cancelled and this dialogue was never patched into the released game.[1]


  • K-733N is a play on the word "clean", which essentially describes K-733N's role in the LEGO Club and Starbase 3001.
  • The Serratorizer, an Engineer Valiant Weapon, has the ability to deploy an Assembly Bot quick build that assists the user in battle. The Assembly Bot is a modified Cleaning Bot, with minor color scheme differences and the ability to fire lasers with its brooms, which have been raised to resemble Gatling guns.
  • On January 30, 2012, BroomBot concept art was spawned by a Mythran in Red Blocks.

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