Theme Venture League
World Blue Planet
Quote "As I ready my pod for launch, a surge of pride rushes through my body. But then I remember: this is only the beginning..."

Chief Engineer KFR5 was the pilot of Pod 5.

KFR5 was assigned to travel to the Blue Planet to spread LEGO Universe's plea for help. KFR5 was elated to hear that ASR1 and Pod 1 landed safely on the Blue Planet after many years of preparation. KFR5 felt a surge of pride as he prepared Pod 5 for launch before reminding himself that this was only the beginning. Upon passing through the rip, KFR5 lost his mobility.

KFR5 was discovered by Gerold in Germany on December 22, 2009. While he does not appear in LEGO Universe, the in-game reward for finding Pod 5 and KFR5 was his Pod 5 Shirt.


  • KRF5 bears the emblem of Venture League, hinting that he is a member of Venture League.


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