Keelhaul Canyon Raceway
World Gnarled Forest
Main Location of Swifty McGurk
Enemies Maelstrom Crates

Keelhaul Canyon Raceway is the Race Track in Gnarled Forest. It was first released during the Beta Test phase to test the game's new racing feature. Despite popular belief, it was released before the racetrack on Nimbus Station, and was set as the racing standard. Originally clicking the starter at the Vertigo Loop Raceway would send you to Keelhaul Canyon. When the track was first released in the beta, the flame pit and jump in front of the skull cave did not exist, with a flat stretch of track in their place. The track shares many similarities with the track Pirate Skull Pass from LEGO Racers. An early test version was found in the game files. Aside from some slight style differences, it mainly had the same layout, except for the addition of a split in the road after the beach area.

The Waterfall

You can drive your car into the waterfall for a different, sometimes faster, sometimes easier way through a small section of the track. The waterfall path jumps over skull cave, and the rock skinny rock formations, making it easier.


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