Kit Wanderwhere
Venture grunt
Theme Venture League
World Avant Gardens
Quote "Are you going to help us push back the Maelstrom?"

Kit Wanderwhere was a Venture League Scout NPC in Avant Gardens.

Kit Wanderwhere met players at the road to the Launch Area, where she congratulated them on making it through Avant Gardens. She then told players that they need help securing Block Yard and sent them to talk to Crash Helmut.


Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Kit Wanderwhere was unnamed and identified as Venture Scout. She wore an orange helmet, gray armor, and early Assembly Grunt shirt and pants; this model was identical to that of Logan Moonshot at the time. In mid-beta testing, she received her current model, sans the armor and with a dark-gray hip piece; although she quickly received the armor, the hip piece did not change to sand-green until late beta testing.

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Kit Wanderwhere gave the mission Checking In With Sky Lane. The mission and the dialogue associated with it, including a line describing Avant Gardens as beautiful before the Maelstrom outbreak, was later given to Crash Helmut.

Following the Power of the Nexus Force update, Kit Wanderwhere was merged with Assembly Surveyor Vector Longview, combining the two characters into a single Venture League Scout named Vector Longview.

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