LEGO Universe Newsletter
How To Obtain: LEGO Universe Website

The LEGO Universe Newsletter is a series of news e-mails with information, pictures, and links to new stories. It also contains VIP access codes, which allow users to access hidden sections of the LEGO Universe website, such as screen savers, desktop wallpapers, and videos.


  • It is a series of news e-mails.
  • A poll for choosing the newsletter's name contained the options of LEGO Universe News, LEGO Universe Update, LEGO News from the Universe, and LEGO Universe News Network.

Newsletter Archive

Issue 10

Issue 13

Issue 14

Issue 15

Issue 16

Issue 17

Issue 18

Issue 19

Issue 20

Issue 21

Issue 22

Issue 23

Issue 24

Issue 25

Issue 26

Issue 27

Issue 28

Issue 29

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