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  • PatchM142

    Two Years Too Long

    October 31, 2012 by PatchM142

    Hello, LEGO Universe wiki! Just thought I'd remind you all of this. Actually, let the photo do the work:

    So, yeah. I think that's all to report right now. Chat's open as always. Pages always waiting …

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  • PatchM142
    There hasn't been AS MUCH activity recently, so I'm just going to post the news when we have something to report. For example, it's Tuesday, not Sunday. We have something to report. So there.

    As I sa…

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  • PatchM142

    Several months ago if you remember we tried to ban non-LEGO photos from the wiki. It wasn't a huge problem at the time, but I've observed quite a few pictures which aren't LEGO related. Yeah, sure, …

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  • PatchM142

    Weekly News: 04-08-12

    April 9, 2012 by PatchM142

    Annnnd we're back with week two of the news blog revival.

    Forgot lost week (sorry Maestro). If you're having problems on chat, you may also contact ShermanTheMythran. A full staff list can be found a…

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