Leland Hammertoe
Leland Hammertoe New
Theme Venture League
World Nimbus Station
Quote "See the world at high speed!"
Weapon/Tool Binoculars

Leland Hammertoe is the Foot Race Host NPC in Nimbus Station.

Leland Hammertoe can be found near the entrance of Race Place. There, players can talk to him to begin the Nimbus Station foot race, which takes players around Nimbus Plaza before leading back to the Race Place.

Beta Information

Leland Hammertoe was originally named Frank Fastfoot in mid-beta. He had a cheery expression and carried a pair of binoculars.

During the Beta Test, Velocity Lane gave a mission that required players to complete Leland Hammertoe's foot race in order to receive their first Race Car kit and unlock the Vertigo Loop Racetrack. This mission could be completed prior to joining a faction. Since then, this mission has been altered and replaced by the requirement of joining Nexus Force and purchasing a Car Chassis from Ludwig Clutchburn.

Leland's Foot Race was released on May 13, 2010.

Until the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu update, he had a grumpy expression. Following the update, it was reverted back to his normal face during beta.



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