Maelstrom Beaver
Mission 908
Main Location DeepFreeze
Theme Maelstrom
Weapon/Tool Teeth

Maelstrom Beavers are Stromling rodents that occupy DeepFreeze.

Maelstrom Beavers have chased Dee the Chickadee and her family out of their home. The Maelstrom Beavers now populate an uphill area of DeepFreeze populated by many pine trees, presumably the former home of the chickadees. Wishing to return home, Dee asks players to smash ten of the Maelstrom Beavers. With only 3 Life and a weak bite attack, Maelstrom Beavers are easily defeated.

Related Missions


  • Bite: The Maelstrom Beaver will jump up and bite the player, dealing 1 damage.


  • The Maelstrom Beaver's animations were designed by LEGO Universe animator Toby Cochran. In addition to the animations seen in-game, a number of unused animations are featured in an animation reel by Cochran, including a sleeping animation.[1] Toby Cochran also animated a non-infected version of the Maelstrom Beaver.[2]

External Links


  1. Lego Universe Animations - Cochran Reel
  2. Lego Universe Animations - Cochran Reel


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