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Maelstrom Generator
Maelstrom Generator 004
Location Properties
Function Spawning Stromlings

Maelstrom Generators are large generators seen on properties before/while claiming. They generate Stromlings, and continue to do so until smashed.

Once destroyed, they can be rebuilt into an elevator for 6 Imagination to take the player up and retrieve the trapped imagination, rendering the property claimable.

Maelstrom Generators have a health bar like enemies, instead of being smashed on one hit. This health ranges depending on the property. Generators on the Block Yard have 9 health, whereas generators on Avant Grove have around 27.

Beta Information

Maelstrom Generators originated as Maelstrom Shards, meteors sent by the Maelstrom to infect wherever they landed. Like Maelstrom Generators, they spawned Maelstrom enemies: Hyper Darklings, Freak Darklings, and Grumpy Darklings, as well as corrupting whatever was nearby.

The Vanguard Outpost, which was at the time the first World in LEGO Universe, featured a Maelstrom Shard that crashed through the castle's tower/walls and left a crater in the ground.

Early versions of Nimbus Park/Avant Gardens also involved Maelstrom Shards/Meteors, which had infected Robot Mowers and turned minifigures into Strombies. The player would have then reported the Maelstrom activity to the News Reporter in Youreeka/Zorillo Plaza.

Maelstrom Shards/Crystals also appeared in early versions of Forbidden Valley. In alpha testing, "Clean the Gardens" achievements could be found in the Forbidden Valley section of the Passport for smashing 25, 75, and 150 Maelstrom Crystals.


  • A concept render released in early 2007 shows a strange object that's crashed into a city, being investigated by a hazmat crew and flying robots. It is possible the render depicts early ideas for Maelstrom Shards and Nexus City.
  • Maelstrom Crystals like those found in pre-alpha Forbidden Valley appear in the final game, in The Battle of Nimbus Station, though they simply provide power-ups for the player when smashed.
  • In the Spider Queen Battle, Dark Spiderlings spawn from grey objects that appear similar to Maelstrom Shards. Oddly, these models were originally created as termite mounds for Youreeka.
  • A model for a "Darkling Drill" can be found in the game data, which greatly resembles a Maelstrom Generator and is animated to tunnel completely underground.


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