Maelstrom Horseman Invader
Maelstrom horsemen invader
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Stromlings Invader
Weapon/Tool Lance

Maelstrom Horseman Invaders are more powerful versions of Maelstrom Horsemen. They have 35 health and their attacks are much stronger than those of the standard Maelstrom Horsemen. They are commonly found in Aura Mar and Caldera Mar, with rare appearances in Rivendark Canyon and Sentinel Point Zeta. If you're attacking one, it's a good idea to have a few consumables on hand, an Elite weapon and good armor.


  • Cone Attack: The rider shoots three energy balls out of his spear that fan out in three directions, doing around 6 damage each.
  • Thunder Attack: The Horse rears up causing knockdown and around 3 damage.


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