Maelstrom Trench
Maelstrom trench
World Gnarled Forest
Main Location of Renee Tombcrusher
Enemies Stromling Pirates, Stromling Admirals

The Maelstrom Trench is the third area in Gnarled Forest. As the name suggests, it is a trench filled with Maelstrom energy, with a skull carved into the rock. Stromling Pirates and Stromling Admirals spawn from the trench, corrupted from the Maelstrom Treasure Chests brought there. Toby Squidbarrel hides in a cave near the trench, asking players to smash ten Stromling Pirates, then directing them to Renee Tombcrusher, who is standing on a rock next to the skull. Renee then sends players to rebuild a nearby Siren Stunner to distract the pirates, and then asks players to assist Arrrthur Arrrbuckle in building another one further down a nearby path.



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