FTOverheadIcon This part of LEGO Universe was available in the Free To Play version!

Smash won yore house-mailbox
Function: Allows Players to send/receive Mail
Location: Every World

Mailboxes can be found in various locations around LEGO Universe. Here, players can recieve and send mail to friends. An attachment may also be sent with the letter (for the sell price of the item) as long as the said item is not linked. Sometimes NPCs will send players letters in the mail, such as Dr. Overbuild or other Faction leaders. (Players cannot send responses to these letters.) Occasionally, a Mythran will send a player a message, typically when a player breaks a rule.


Avant Gardens

Nimbus Station

Forbidden Valley

Gnarled Forest


Crux Prime

Nexus Tower


Starbase 3001


  • Mailboxes are normally located near a launchpad or a Point-of-Interest.
  • The Mailbox's design is from Creator theme. It was designed to go alongside the Pre-Alpha creator houses.
  • When one completes an achievement and doesn't have room for the item (if any) it will go directly to their mailbox.
  • During the last months of LEGO Universe, Mythrans sent exclusive items to players if they were online during the giveaway. These items were sent via Mailboxes.


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